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June 2014

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World in 2025 – Download imageRead full report
From Thomson Reuters resources, 10 predictions of where technology and innovation will take us in the next decade.


Solar Energy Proliferates – Download imageRead full prediction
The technology to capture, convert, and store the sun’s energy will make solar power the world’s largest energy source.

Type I Diabetes is Preventable – Download imageRead full prediction
Advances in genomic knowledge will enable the alteration and repair of genes to cure and prevent disease in humans.

Feeding the Planet – Download imageRead full prediction
Agricultural techniques embracing lighting technology and genetics will expand the capacity, quality, and stability of crop production.

Electric Transportation Takes Off – Download imageRead full prediction
New power sources and lightweight but strong materials will transform travel on land and in the air.

Digital Everything…Everywhere – Download imageRead full prediction
Today’s concepts of “smart devices” and “connectivity,” driven by advances in materials and systems, will increasingly encompass nearly every aspect of life and society.

A New World of Packaging – Download imageRead full prediction
Alleviating a chronic source of litter and pollution, the packaging industry will turn from petroleum-based products to biodegradable materials derived from cellulose.

Cancer Treatment: Fewer Toxic Side Effects – Download imageRead full prediction
In the treatment of cancer and other diseases, precisely targeted compounds and specific molecular mechanisms will engender fewer toxic side effects and improve efficacy.

Gene Mapping at Birth is the Norm – Download imageRead full prediction
Individual gene mapping will fundamentally change health screening and maintenance, while advances in nanotechnology will similarly transform diagnostics.

Dementia Declines – Download imageRead full prediction
Advances in genomics will aid the fight against neurodegenerative disease.

Teleportation is Tested – Download imageRead full prediction
As high-energy and theoretical physics deepen our knowledge of the fundamental nature of matter, the investigation of concepts such as quantum teleportation will progress toward the commonplace.

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