CMR International 2104 Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook

September 2014
What Are the Key Trends in Pharma?

The ongoing fortunes of the global biopharmaceutical industry engender constant scrutiny and discussion. Some observers, in the wake of recent FDA approval rates and other measures, subscribe to a pessimistic view of seemingly falling R&D productivity. Others view the situation more positively.

Annually for nearly 15 years, CMR International, a Thomson Reuters business, has gathered metrics on every stage of drug discovery and development, combining these data with insights and actionable knowledge. The 2014 edition of the CMR International Pharmaceutical R&D Factbook is now available.

Marshaling a wealth of information into 11 chapters, the latest report highlights several significant trends, including: global pharmaceutical sales rising to an expected $1 trillion this year; the launch rate of novel, so-called New Molecular Entity compounds, or NMEs, approaching its highest levels of the last decade; cancer treatments designed to be targeted with ever-greater precision; and evidence that the industry is improving its evaluative ability to “fail fast, fail cheaply,” ultimately improving the success rate of more advanced drug candidates. In all, the report contradicts the gloomier views of the industry.

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