Connecting the Dots: It All Starts with the Data

July 2014

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Institutions that carry out or support research—whether universities, government installations, private laboratories, commercial firms, funding agencies, or others—face innumerable challenges, but two are particularly immediate: One is keeping up with current research and subsequently confronting an ever-growing torrent of unfiltered information, even as the need to cull only the most authoritative, reliable, and pertinent data is more pressing than ever.

A second challenge for institutions is securing a solid basis, and the specific tools, to accurately assess and benchmark performance—to obtain detailed insights into the impact and reach of their research. This capacity is essential for guiding or fine-tuning research programs, identifying new opportunities, and making other crucial decisions.

A new white paper, “Connecting the Dots Across the Research Ecosystem,” details the foundations of how Thomson Reuters has provided solutions to these challenges for a half-century. In particular, the report describes the process by which specialists at Thomson Reuters evaluate and select journals for coverage in Web of Science and its related suite of resources for current awareness and research assessment.

Journal selection and evaluation at Thomson Reuters is an exacting, full-time process, involving strict standards and adherence to a range of editorial guidelines. The resulting collection of journals, now numbering upwards of 12,000, balances worldwide diversity and inclusion with elite status, reflecting the collective judgment of the scientific and scholarly community as to the most reliable, significant, and useful research.

In addition to affording access to the world’s premier literature, the journal collection underpins the array of Thomson Reuters analytic tools, including Journal Citation Reports and InCites.  Among other metrics, these resources allow individual, institutional, and regional or national performance to be evaluated and compared against peers and world baselines. As several users of Thomson Reuters solutions attest in the white paper, these resources are indispensable in assessing an institution’s present course as well as charting the way ahead.

Download the full White Paper

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