Sustainability: From Caltech, New “Resonate Awards”

May 2014
Honoring disruptive innovation

Thomson Reuters Sustainability, a resource that gathers expert insights on sustainability from such areas as climate and energy, health, law, and corporate governance, presents an exclusive interview with Dr. Harry Atwater of Caltech. Dr. Atwater, who, according to Essential Science Indicators, ranks among the world’s most-cited scientists in the fields of Physics and Materials Science, is the driving force behind Caltech’s new Resonate Awards. These prizes honor achievements related to energy and other sustainable technologies.

Dr. Atwater discusses the first group of winners, whose advances include the development of a renewable energy grid and a solar-based system for generating hydrogen for use in fuel. Another award honors innovation in funding for sustainable solutions to climate change and other global problems.

Read the complete interview with Dr. Atwater and learn about all the winners.

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