Neglected Tropical Diseases

June 2012
What does it mean to be neglected?

As their name implies, neglected tropical diseases are underserved and often nebulous. This report reviews the global research landscape to uncover an unusually complex tapestry of outputs and collaborations. It finds evidence of growing interest in research and control of these diseases across countries and fields, with new regional centers emerging, and provides important insights for policymakers and others concerned with public health. The study analyzes research output from 1992 to 2011 for a group of diseases identified by the World Health Organization as underserved. These diseases infect more than one billion people around the globe and are responsible for over half a million deaths annually. While the study finds a two-fold increase in published literature since 1992, the totals still pale in comparison to other diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and coronary artery disease.

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What does it mean to be neglected?

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