Colorized transmission electron micrograph showing particles of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus that emerged in 2012.

From time to time the world faces talk of epidemics or even a pandemic due to some novel respiratory virus. And now it’s Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Both MERS and SARS are caused by...

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

There’s nothing quite like a deadly disease to excite the science writer. The news, just weeks ago as I write this, that the Ebola virus is now “airborne”—meaning it no longer needs close contact...

Gene Therapy Restores Eyesight

Gene therapy—fix a genetic disease by giving the patient a working copy of the relevant gene—is in the news. Researchers in Oxford, UK and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, recently announced that...

Pere P. Simarro, World Health Organization

In a recent analysis of data from Thomson Reuters Web of Science, the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases was identified as a Rising Star in the field of Immunology.