Global Research Report - Africa. Photo: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings
Global Research Reports

Three nations dominate while others regress. What, if anything, can be learned by analyzing performance across more than 50 nations?

Global Research Report - Australia and New Zealand. Photo: REUTERS/Daniel Munoz
Global Research Reports

Did New Zealand and Australia meet their respective research agendas?

Global Research Report - Brazil. Photo: REUTERS/Clarissa Cavalheiro
Global Research Reports

Brazil’s research output has doubled in 10 years with a continued strength in life sciences.

Global Research Reports

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Korea—the BRICK nations—have repeatedly been noted for their growing influence in the global economy and research landscape, and are often referred to as "...

Global Research Report - China. Photo: CHINA OUT REUTERS (CHINA)
Global Research Reports

China’s explosive scientific growth continues to reshape the international research base.


Among the many changes wrought by the digital revolution, few have been as consequential to science as the movement towards open data. As the pros and cons are debated, the ongoing legal and...

Global Research Report - India. Photo: REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri
Global Research Reports

Thomson Reuters predicts that India’s research productivity will be on par with most G8 nations within 7 to 8 years and could overtake them between 2015 and 2020.

Global Research Report - Brazil. Photo: REUTERS/Kim Kyung Hoon
Global Research Reports

For years Japan has been known for its world-class universities, established government laboratories and several Nobel Prizes.

Global Research Report - Materials Science & Technology
Global Research Reports

Materials science grew the fastest among all physical sciences during the last three decades, and the field holds great potential for 21st century manufacturing and innovation.

Global Research Report - Middle East
Global Research Reports

The Arabian, Persian and Turkish Middle East produces only 4% of the world's scientific literature but output is growing rapidly, exceeding Asia and Latin America in rate of increase.