Australian Institutions: High Impact in Neuroscience & Behavior, 2009-2013

July 2014

Listed by average citations per papers, among Australian institutions that published at least 500 papers in Thomson Reuters-indexed journals in the main field of Neuroscience & Behavior between 2009 and 2013. These figures are derived from Thomson Reuters InCites, a subset of the Web of Science

Institution Papers 2009-2013 Citations per paper
The Florey Institute 811 10.51
University of Melbourne 1,882 10.12
University of New South Wales 1,178 9.82
University of Sydney 1,387 9.32
University of Queensland 1,073 8.61
SOURCE: Thomson Reuters Web of Science

The data and citation records included in this report are from Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceTM. Web of ScienceTM is a registered trademark of Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.