Highlighted Journals: Food Science & Technology

February 2014

The table below lists prominent journals in a given specialty area according to three separate measures, based on metrics found in Journal Citation Reports® from Thomson Reuters.

Field Most Prolific 2012 Impact Factor Eigenfactor® Score
1 Food Chemistry
(1,666 articles)
Comprehensive Revs. in Food Science and Food Safety
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
2 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Food Chemistry
3 Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment
Annual Review of Food Science & Technology
Journal of Dairy Science
4 Journal of Dairy Science
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
International Journal of Food Microbiology
5 Food and Chemical Toxicology
Trends in Food Science & Technology
Food and Chemical Toxicology

The left-hand column highlights the field's prolific journals, listing them according to the number of papers that each published in the current JCR year, 2012. Journals in the middle column are listed according to their 2012 Impact Factor, which is calculated by taking the number of all current citations to source items published in a journal over the previous two years and dividing by the number of articles published in the journal during the same period—in other words, a ratio between citations and recent citable items published. The right-hand column lists journals according to their Eigenfactor® score, a calculation based on the number of times articles published by the journal in the past five years have been cited in the JCR year, also taking into account the citation influence of the journals that contributed to those citations. The Eigenfactor® score, by considering the overall network of citations, controls for varying citation patterns in different fields and also eliminates the influence of journal self-citation (www.eigenfactor.org).

SOURCE: Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports

The data and citation records included in this report are from Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceTM. Web of ScienceTM is a registered trademark of Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.