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March 2014
“Institutional complexity and organizational responses,” by Royston Greenwood, et al., Academy of Management Annals, 5: 317-71, 2011.

Abstract: “Organizations face institutional complexity whenever they confront incompatible prescriptions from multiple institutional logics. Our interest is in how plural institutional logics, refracted through field-level structures and processes, are experienced within organizations and how organizations respond to such complexity. We draw on a variety of cognate literatures to discuss the field-level structural characteristics and organizational attributes that shape institutional complexity. We then explore the repertoire of strategies and structures that organizations deploy to cope with multiple, competing demands. The analytical framework developed herein is presented to guide future scholarship in the systematic analysis of institutional complexity. We conclude by suggesting avenues for future research.”

This 2011 report from Academy of Management Annals was cited 12 times in current journal articles indexed by Thomson Reuters during July-August 2013. Of papers indexed by Thomson Reuters in the last two years under the main heading of Economics & Business, no report garnered a higher number of citations during that two-month period. Prior to the most recent bimonthly count, citations to the report have accrued as follows, as tracked by Essential Science Indicators Hot Papers:

May-June 2013: 4 citations
March-April 2013: 4
January-February 2013: 5
November-December 2012: 2
September-October 2012: 1
July-August 2012: 6

Total citations to date: 34

SOURCE: Thomson Reuters Web of Science

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