Hot Paper in Materials Science

February 2014
“Simultaneous enhancement of open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current density, and fill factor in polymer solar cells,” by Zhicai He, et al., Advanced Materials, 23(40): 4636, 25 October 2011.

Abstract: “Simultaneous enhancement of open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current density, and fill factor in highly efficient polymer solar cells by incorporating an alcohol/water-soluble conjugated polymer as cathode interlayer is demonstrated. When combined with a low-bandgap polymer PTB7 as the electron donor material, the power efficiency of the devices is improved to a certified 8.370%. Due to the drastic improvement in efficiency and easy utilization, this method opens new opportunities for PSCs from various material systems to improve towards 10% efficiency.”

This 2011 report from Advanced Materials was cited 53 times in current journal articles indexed by Thomson Reuters during July-August 2013. Thanks to that latest two-month total, the paper now ranks as the third-most-cited paper in chemistry/materials published in the last two years, excluding reviews. (The current #1 paper, the subject of a previous Weekly Byte, features many of the same authors.) Prior to the most recent bimonthly count, citations to the report have accrued as follows, as tracked by Essential Science Indicators Hot Papers:

May-June 2013: 48 citations
March-April 2013: 47
January-February 2013: 60
November-December 2012: 59
September-October 2012: 46
July-August 2012: 32
May-June 2012: 41
March-April 2012: 43
January-February 2012: 10
November-December 2011: 1

Total citations to date: 440

SOURCE: Thomson Reuters Web of Science

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