About ScienceWatch

Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch is an open Web resource for science metrics and research performance analysis. Since 1989, ScienceWatch has offered features that include data and commentary on the people, places and topics at the forefront of science today, illustrating the power of bibliometrics for providing a prospective view into the research landscape. As a part of Thomson Reuters research analytics suite of solutions, ScienceWatch highlights the important role of research evaluation and management in support of strategic decision-making.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas you would like to explore, please email our editorial team:
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For Press

In addition to the features available on the website, ScienceWatch also works with reporters to support their stories by exploring and quantifying key trends in research, funding, and policy, as well as patent and drug pipeline information available across the Thomson Reuters IP & Science division. If you would like to explore an idea for an upcoming story, or for all other media inquiries, please contact our IP&Science media relations team:

Jennifer Breen, Manager, jennifer.breen@thomsonreuters.com +1 215 823 1791

Molly Malone, Associate, molly.malone@thomsonreuters.com +1 215 823 3702