Here it is: this year’s group of Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates—researchers whose landmark discoveries and advances, not to mention their measurable esteem in the scientific community, place them within reach of science’s highest prize. Will their wait be long, or very short?

Learn at a glance how the work of this year's Citation Laureates has already transformed our everyday lives, or is expected to in the near future.


Tracking trends and performance in research since 1989

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Thomson Reuters analyst David A. Pendlebury explains the rationale and methodology for selecting Citation Laureates, and offers a retrospective from the earliest days of citation-based prediction of Nobel Prize winners, including the numerous successes.

Methodology Essay

Results Essay

Methodology Podcast

A complete listing of more than a decade’s worth of scientists identified annually by Thomson Reuters citation-based analysis as being of Nobel caliber. Will this year’s winners come from these ranks?

Since 2002, Thomson Reuters analysis has identified more than two dozen eminent scientists who went on to win the Nobel Prize. See the full list of correct predictions to date.