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January 2014

Abstract: “Organic photovoltaic devices that can be fabricated by simple processing techniques are under intense investigation in academic and industrial laboratories because of their potential to enable mass production of flexible and cost-effective devices(1,2). Most of the attention has been focused on solution-processed polymer bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells3-7. A combination of polymer design, morphology control, structural insight and device engineering has led to power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) reaching the 6-8% range for conjugated polymer/fullerene blends(8,9). Solution-processed small-molecule BHJ (SM BHJ) solar cells have received less attention, and their efficiencies have remained below those of their polymeric counterparts(10). Here, we report efficient solution-processed SM BHJ solar cells based on a new molecular donor, DTS(PTTh(2))(2). A record PCE of 6.7% under AM 1.5G irradiation (100mWcm(-2)) is achieved for small-molecule BHJ devices from DTS(PTTh(2))(2) V PC(70)BM (donor to acceptor ratio of 7: 3). This high efficiency was obtained by using remarkably small percentages of solvent additive (0.25% v/v of 1,8-diiodooctane, DIO) during the film-forming process, which leads to reduced domain sizes in the BHJ layer. These results provide important progress for solution-processed organic photovoltaics and demonstrate that solar cells fabricated from small donor molecules can compete with their polymeric counterparts.”

This 2012 report from Nature Materials was cited 54 times in current journal articles indexed by Thomson Reuters during July-August 2013. Of materials-science papers tracked by ScienceWatch under the main heading of Chemistry, only one paper (excluding reviews) received a higher number of citations during that two-month period. Prior to the most recent bimonthly count, citations to the report have accrued as follows, as tracked by Essential Science Indicators Hot Papers:


May-June 2013: 34 citations
March-April 2013: 39
January-February 2013: 35
November-December 2012: 34
September-October 2012: 34
July-August 2012: 9
May-June 2012: 16
March-April 2012: 9
January-February 2012: 2

Total citations to date: 266

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