US Institutions: Most Prolific in Information Science & Library Science, 2009-2013

November 2014

Of US institutions, those below contributed the highest numbers of papers to the Web of Science field of Information Science & Library Science over a recent five-year period. Based on each university’s percentage of the 16,205 papers published in Thomson Reuters-indexed Information Science journals between 2009 and 2013. These figures are derived from Thomson Reuters InCites, a subset of the Web of Science.

Institution Papers 2009-2013 Percent of field
Indiana University 247 1.52
Harvard University 180 1.11
Pennsylvania State University 140 0.86
University of Maryland, College Park 135 0.83
University of Washington 135 0.83
University of Arizona 117 0.72
SOURCE: Thomson Reuters Web of Science

The data and citation records included in this report are from Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceTM. Web of ScienceTM is a registered trademark of Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.